Brake Repair

Darrell’s Automotive offers complete brake repair services.

If your brake warning light is on, you have a spongy or hard brake pedal, or if you have squealing or grinding brakes, you need to get them checked immediately.

Don’t let your brakes get this bad!

Let the experts at Darrell’s Automotive diagnose your brake problems.
We can service disc brakes, drum brakes, ABS, master cylinders and complete brake systems.
From preventative maintenance, basic repairs to major repairs, we do it all! 

Darrell's Automotive
Darrell's Automotive

If your brakes are metal on metal they will score your drums or rotors.

This can result in loss of stopping power, more costly repairs, or worse.

Please remember, stopping is even more important than starting!

Make sure to stop at Darrell’s Automotive today so you can stop safely.

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